The only question to ask when you SHOP or clean out!

Fall is in the air! Perhaps like me, you too are excited for sweater weather. If we have more in common than that, may be you have a small closet and now need to make room for sweaters and boots and all of the fun fall fashion! Regardless of the square footage of your closet, a change of seasons is a great time to reevaluate our wardrobes  and clear all the things that no longer serve us to WELCOME NEW ENERGY. 

So where do we start? There is so much expert information out there and it can feel daunting!

It seems that when it comes to cleaning our closets, We have heard it all! Some popular questions that experts urge us to examine are:

  1. Does it fit?

  2. Have I worn it in the last year?

  3. Does it have sentimental value?

  4. Is it on trend?

    I can go on and on! However, I will offer you one litmus test that will change the way you SHOP and clean your closet! 

The ONE question to ask yourself when SHOPPING or CLEANING out your closet! Are you ready for it?

Does this outfit represent the best version of myself?

How many times have we shopped because what we own makes us feel BLAH? How many times have we run to the mall at the last minute to find something suitable for the occasion? When we probably have an identical dress or top in our closet already! Am I right? 

Don’t answer that! I already know I am right! 

So say goodbye to the 10th black dress and 15th pair of black pants. OR the 25th pair of jeans because our current ones don’t fit, look right, or more importantly make us feel great! 

Let’s review that again…

Every time you are in a fitting room, or ordering a sub par outfit from Amazon Prime (cause that interview is in 3 days) ask yourself this…in front of your mirror.

“Does this outfit represent the BEST version of myself?”

This ONE question, will save your hundreds if not thousands of dollars in clothes that still have tags on, things that are worn once, and of course things that make you feel crappy. 

Still struggling? Not sure what looks & feels best?

Let’s chat here!

Would love to know if you found this tip helpful! If you try it, definitely let me know your RESULTS!