“Does it spark joy?”


✨DOES IT SPARK JOY?✨a question women all across America are asking themselves in the first week of 2019. After all they have consumed “the life changing magic of tidying” up on Netflix. The show based on famous personal organizer (if its ok to call her that) , Marie Kondo’s book by same name.

I read this book two years ago, when my cousin claimed indeed it had changed her life. Well crap, I need all the life changing I could get. So I tried it too. Can four little words “Does it spark joy?” Be the only litmus test to decide whether something can stay or go?

I think not. I will reference this from my personal and professional experience as a stylist. There are many other factors to consider when holding onto or parting with an item. There are many items I have owned that brought me joy, but also didn’t fit me anymore, or had a tiny stain. Sometimes I had milked all the joy I could out of this dress 👗/ sweater/ blouse that it was showing signs of a life well lived! It is ok to part with these items. It’s also ok to replace your beloved pieces with newer versions of the same so you can wear them joyfully for a few years to come. On the flip side, I have a few pieces in my dresser that do not spark joy. They have paint splatters or a few bleach stains. These are reserved for scrubbing the shower, vacuuming and dusting. Some functions of regular life that perhaps Ms.Kondo doesn’t have to carry out.

So when you embark on your closet clean out ask yourself this instead-Does this still work for the person I am today and my life as it is now? Do these clothes make me look and feel my most confident self?