Closet full and nothing to wear? Here's why and what to do about it!


You know the moment.

You are standing in front of your closet, hands on your hips. Wishing for an incredible outfit to appear magically.You know it’s in there somewhere but you just don’t know what to wear.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking, and you need to get ready and out the door to conquer your day. Once again, you wear the same outfit which you have had on repeat- one of the few that has become your go to’s!

You wonder if it’s time to go shopping, you know, for something new. That you can actually wear. But then again, your closet is FULL. Yet somehow, you have nothing to wear!

I can relate as I have walked in your shoes before. If your closet is leaving you overwhelmed, uninspired and feeling awful about yourself, here are a few reasons why, and how we can fix it!


Closet trap #1: Impulse shopping.

You know this one too well- you were at the mall, it was on sale. Or you were scrolling Instagram late at night and you just had to have this blouse/sweater/skirt that your favorite fashion blogger was wearing.

What happens here is that we end up with a lot of pieces that we loved at the moment but have no idea what to wear with once we bring them home.

Instead of thinking of a single item, think of a whole outfit. Will your newest purchase have at least 3 friends in your closet? If you newest find can pass this litmus test, go ahead and buy it.


Closet trap #2: Too many trends.

If your closet is full of the seasons must haves but not the right basics to pair them with, you are going to have zero outfits! The trendy piece will hang in your wardrobe, with tags almost till it is out of style again!

Invest in great basics from shoes to jackets. These can pair well with tank top in the summer and a chunky sweater in the winter and you will never run out of things to wear!

We are talking about couple of great pairs of jeans- dark wash, white and a medium wash pair. Fabulous shoes- flats to boots. Earrings: at least a basic pair of studs and one pair of statement earrings! An everyday necklace, a long necklace and a statement one that you absolutely love!

Same with handbags- a clutch for nights out, a tote to do the heavy lifting and a medium sized bag (think hobos or crossbody bags) for everyday utility!


Closet trap #3: Too many of the same item.

Do you find yourself drawn to stripes? Or is it florals? Or another black tee?

First, let me congratulate you on knowing your style. You are consistent in your shopping habits. You are not alone! This is the most common problem I see in my clients closets.

What happens with this is that it doesn’t create enough variety and you will look like you are wearing the same thing over and over.

Ask yourself why you are buying this item again? Are you replacing one that you already own? Is it a different color way of the one you already own?

Sometimes we don’t even know that we already own 8 black t-shirts or 4 chambray shirts. Easiest way to rectify this is to store like items together. When all your similar clothes hang together, you get a visual inventory of what you own too much of.

This way you’ll avoid adding yet another black cardigan to your collection.


Closet trap #4: Not channeling your inner Princess Elsa.

Many of us are holding on so hard to who we were before or what we may be in the future.

Left your corporate job 4 years ago and still have all your work wear? Still have some of that baby weight like I do, except your baby is almost 6 and you still have prepregnancy clothes in your drawers?

Trust me, I have been there. But clearing things that do not serve who we are TODAY is the worst thing we can do!

Even if you do go back to the corporate world, chances are you will want new clothes for your new gig. When you do lose the last 5 or 10 pounds you will want to celebrate with new threads!

Trying on our old jeans every now and then and magically hoping that today is the day they will zip up is self torture. Time to channel your inner Princess Elsa and LET IT GO!

You will be a happier and more confident version of yourself when you have items that fit your lifestyle and your body as it is RIGHT NOW!


Closet trap #5: Too many choices

Okay, my fashionista friend. I frequently joke that “more is more less is a snore”. I am definitely not championing you dress like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg in a daily uniform- basically the same outfit everyday.

However, if your closet is a mishmash of styles it is time to pare it down. Once you clearly define your style, eliminate the noise!

Keep the pieces your truly love and enjoy wearing. Are you preppy or BOHO? Traditional or Eclectic?

Don't know what your style is? Create a board on Pinterest. Without overthinking pin a lot of images to it of looks that you love!

Then take a step back and see what jumps out. Lots of crisp stripes and dots and bold color- you may love J.Crew. Love feminine, flirty pieces? Check out Free people? Love vintage inspired style? Anthropologie may be your playground!

Try the above tips and tell me if it simplifies your getting ready routine!

Still need closet clarity? Seeking style simplification? Let’s connect here and get you to looking effortlessly chic everyday!


“Does it spark joy?”


✨DOES IT SPARK JOY?✨a question women all across America are asking themselves in the first week of 2019. After all they have consumed “the life changing magic of tidying” up on Netflix. The show based on famous personal organizer (if its ok to call her that) , Marie Kondo’s book by same name.

I read this book two years ago, when my cousin claimed indeed it had changed her life. Well crap, I need all the life changing I could get. So I tried it too. Can four little words “Does it spark joy?” Be the only litmus test to decide whether something can stay or go?

I think not. I will reference this from my personal and professional experience as a stylist. There are many other factors to consider when holding onto or parting with an item. There are many items I have owned that brought me joy, but also didn’t fit me anymore, or had a tiny stain. Sometimes I had milked all the joy I could out of this dress 👗/ sweater/ blouse that it was showing signs of a life well lived! It is ok to part with these items. It’s also ok to replace your beloved pieces with newer versions of the same so you can wear them joyfully for a few years to come. On the flip side, I have a few pieces in my dresser that do not spark joy. They have paint splatters or a few bleach stains. These are reserved for scrubbing the shower, vacuuming and dusting. Some functions of regular life that perhaps Ms.Kondo doesn’t have to carry out.

So when you embark on your closet clean out ask yourself this instead-Does this still work for the person I am today and my life as it is now? Do these clothes make me look and feel my most confident self?